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At the airport

język dla dorosłych
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kursy językowe dla dorosłych


At the airport

At the check-in desk

  • Airport clerk: Good morning. Welcome to EasyJet Airlines. Can I see your passport and boarding card, please?
  • Traveler: Sure. Here’s my passport and my boarding card.
  • AC: Thank you. Do you have any check-in baggage?
  • T: Yes, I have one suitcase.
  • AC: Any hand-baggage?
  • T: Yes, I’m carrying my backpack into the cabin.
  • AC: Here’s a security tag for your cabin-baggage. Please attach it to your backpack.
  • T: OK, thank you.
  • AC: Would you like the window seat or the aisle seat?
  • T: The window seat, please.
  • AC: All right. Your seat number is 8A. Here is your ticket. Please go now to gate number 10 for the security control.
  • T: Of course. Thank you. Bye.
  • AC: Bye. Have a nice flight.


At the baggage checking machine

  • Security guard: Please take out your laptops and mobile phones and put it in this tray.
  • Traveller: Alright.
  • SG: You can proceed to the security check. Please remember to collect your items after the check.
  • T: Thank you, I will.
  • SG: Please empty your pockets and put the contents in the tray, and hand me your boarding pass.
  • T: Sure.
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  • SG: Please raise your hands and keep them raised while I inspect you.
  • T: No problem.
  • SG: Okay, you’re cleared to go. Here’s your boarding pass.
  • T: Thank you.

Useful phrases:

  • Can I see your passport and boarding card, please? -  Mogę zobaczyć Pani / Pański passport i kartę pokładową?
  • Do you have any check-in baggage / hand-baggage? – Czy posiada Pan / Pani bagaż rejestrowany / bagaż podręczny?
  • Would you like the window seat or the aisle seat? – Czy chciał(a)by Pan / Pani miejsce przy oknie czy przy przejściu?
  • The window seat, please. – Poproszę miejsce przy oknie.
  • Have a nice flight. – Miłego lotu.


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