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At the clothes shop

kurs dla dorosłych
kursy językowe dla dorosłych
kursy dla dorosłych


At the clothes shop

  • Shop assistant: Hello. Can I help you?
  • Customer: Hi. Yes, I’m looking for a T-shirt.
  • SA: It’s your lucky day, because today all T-shirts are half-price.
  • C: Great. Have you got any summer T-shirts? I mean in bright colours.
  • SA: Of course. What size are you?
  • C: Medium.
  • SA: There you go.
  • C: Where are the changing rooms?
  • SA: Over there. Let me know if you need anything else.
  • C: OK.
  • after some time
  • C: I really like this yellow T-shirt. Have you got matching flip-flops?
  • SA: I’ll bring them in a second. What’s your size?
  • C: It’s 6.
  • SA: Here you are.
  • C: Thank you. I’ll take them. How much do I pay?
  • SA: A yellow T-shirt and matching flip-flops… £32, 50. Cash or credit card?
  • C: Credit card.
  • SA: Thank you. I put the receipt in the bag.
  • C: Thank you. Bye.
  • SA: Have a nice day. Bye, bye.


Useful phrases:

  • Can I help you? – Mogę w czymś pomóc?
  • I’m looking for… - Szukam …
  • What size are you? / What’s your size? – Jaki jest Pani / Pana rozmiar?
  • Where are the changing rooms? – Gdzie są przymierzalnie?
  • I’ll take them. – Wezmę je.
  • How much do I pay? – Ile płacę?


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