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At the hotel

kursy językowe dla dorosłych
kursy językowe dla dorosłych
nauka języków


At the hotel

  • Receptionist:   Good afternoon Sir. Welcome to the Grand Canyon Hotel. How may I help you?
  • Guest:  Good afternoon. My name’s Jan Kowalski. I have a reservation under my name.
  • R:   Can you spell your name, please?
  • G: Yes. It’s K-O-W-A-L-S-K-I.
  • R: Thank you. I see. A double room for 3 nights. Is that correct?
  • G: Yes. Do you have a room with a view of the canyon?
  • R: Let me check… Sorry, we’ve only got a single room available.
  • G: What a pity. Is there a balcony in the standard one?
  • R: Yes, all our room have balconies.
  • G: Perfect. How much does it cost?
  • R: It’s £35 per night, so £105 in total.
  • G: Is breakfast included?
  • R: Of course. Breakfast, a parking space and a wake-up call if you need one.
  • G: What time do you serve breakfast?
  • R: It’s served from 6:30 till 10:00.
  • G: Great. What room am I in?
  • R: Here is your key Sir. Room number 205 on the second floor. The lift is on the right. Before you go to your room, sign this form, please.
  • G: There you go. Thank you.
  • R: Enjoy your stay!
  • G: I will, thanks.

Useful phrases:

  • How may I help you? – W czym mogę pomóc?
  • I have a reservation under my name. – Mam rezerwację na swoje nazwisko.
  • I have a reservation under the name of Kowalski. - Mam rezerwację na nazwisko Kowalski.
  • Do you have a room with a view of…? – Czy mają Państwo pokój z widokiem na…?
  • How much will it cost? – Ile to będzie kosztować?
  • Is breakfast included? -  Czy śniadanie jest wliczone w cenę?
  • What time do you serve breakfast? – O której godzinie podają Państwo śniadanie?
  • Enjoy your stay! – Udanego pobytu!


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