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Polish for foreigners - Business Polish

ATRIUS invites adults for Business Polish courses.

For us the most important aspect of learning business language is communication and acquiring vocabulary regarding business. Our students practice speaking in typical situations that may happen when dealing with company matters. Such situations present information about Poland and its culture.

During the courses we offer expanding and practicing vocabulary related to areas such as: management, advertising, marketing, finances and other.

W ramach kursu otrzymują Państwo: 
  • 20 hours with professional teachers of Polish as a foreign language
  • course possible : online or at school Atrius
  • class size 2-4
  • new smart classrooms
  • various materials
  • coffee breaks (a great opportunity to meet and talk with interesting people)
  • ATRIUS-Vocabulary - a system to learn new words in the target language
  • access to e-learning system
  • a written report of your linguistic improvements
  • a certificate stating, in accordance with the European classification, what level of proficiency you’ve achieved
  • a present from ATRIUS
Pakiety do wyboru: 
Class size 20 hours  
2-4 650 zł (160 €) Sign up
1 1500 zł (390 €) Sign up


Poziomy do wyboru: 
B1 intermediate
B2 upper-intermediate
C1 advanced
C2 proficiency


Terminy zajęć: 

Monday-Wednesday 18.30-21.00
Friday 9.00-11.30
During each meeting 30 minutes coffee breaks.