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Polish for foreigners - General Polish

ATRIUS provides General Polish courses designed for people staying in Wrocław for longer periods of time. ATRIUS invites adults for general Polish courses at every level of proficiency.

W ramach kursu otrzymują Państwo: 
  • 20 hours with professional teachers of Polish as a foreign language
  • course possible : online or at school Atrius
  • class size 2-4
  • new smart classrooms
  • various materials
  • coffee breaks (a great opportunity to meet and talk with interesting people)
  • ATRIUS-Vocabulary - a system to learn new words in the target language
  • access to e-learning system
  • a written report of your linguistic improvements
  • a certificate stating, in accordance with the European classification, what level of proficiency you’ve achieved
  • a present from ATRIUS


Pakiety do wyboru: 
Class size 20 hours  
2-4 650 zł (160 €) Sign up
1 1500 zł (390 €) Sign up


Poziomy do wyboru: 
A1 beginners
A1+ elementary
A2 pre-intermediate
B1 intermediate
B2 upper-intermediate
C1 advanced
C2 proficiency


Terminy zajęć: 

Monday-Wednesday 18.30-21.00
Friday 9.00-11.30
Friday 17.00-19.30
During each meeting 30 minutes coffee breaks.