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In the supermarket

język dla dorosłych
kurs językowy
szkoła językowa

In the supermarket

  • Customer: Good morning.
  • Shop assistant: Good morning. How can I help you?
  • C: I need some fresh goat’s milk and one kilo of apples.
  • SA: I’m afraid we only have cow’s milk, but I can order some if you’d like.
  • C: No, that won’t be necessary. I’ll take what you have.
  • SA: Anything else?
  • C: Yes, I also need some meat. Have you got minced meat?
  • SA: Yes, of course. Beef or pork?
  • C: Beef, please.
  • SA: Is that all?
  • C: One more thing. I need some coffee.
  • SA: Instant or ground?
  • C: Ground.
  • SA: There you go.
  • C: Thank you. How much will that be?
  • SA: £17,34.
  • C: Here is £20.
  • SA: Thank you. Here is your change.
  • C: Thanks. Goodbye.
  • SA: See you.
  • Useful phrases:

  • How can I help you? – W czym mogę pomóc?
  • I need … - Potrzebuję …
  • Anything else? – Coś jeszcze?
  • Is that all? – Czy to wszystko?
  • There you go. / Here you are. – Proszę. (przy podawaniu czegoś)
  • How much will that be? – Ile to będzie kosztować?
  • Here is your change. – Oto Pańska reszta.


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